Part 2

After several hours of hiking through the woods, Happy Allie sits down on a tree stump to rest her aching feet. There in a clearing, Happy Allie spots a beautiful unicorn. Happy Allie approaches the unicorn and tells her about her search for the Smell Sticker factory. The unicorn willingly agrees to join her on the journey. Happy Allie adopts the unicorn and names her Fancy because of the unicorn’s colorful mane decorated with fancy bows. Fancy is so sweet and gentle, she even offers to let Happy Allie ride her when Happy Allie’s feet get tired. Happy Allie looks down at her aching feet and accepts Fancy’s offer right away! The two are instant friends.

After a restful night’s slumber, Happy Allie and Fancy start out hiking in the morning. They come across a dog, a yorkshire terrier, Happy Allie’s favorite kind of dog. He appears to be a stray dog, because his hair looks dirty and scraggly. The dog tells Happy Allie and Fancy that he is lost and lonely and has been wishing for someone to find him and become his friend. Right away, Happy Allie and Fancy decide to call the dog Wishes. As a sign of friendship, Fancy gives Wishes a silk bow from her mane to wear in his hair. But not before he bathes! Happy Allie shares a bit of her shampoo with Wishes and washes his hair in the bubbling creek. His hair comes out shiny and smelling delicious. She places the bow in his hair and the three are off!

Wishes, the Yorkshire Terrier Smell Sticker Story Part 3

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