Happy Allie

Happy Allie is a very special girl. She loves her family very much. Her adventurous spirit takes her on a search to find Stickerland, a place that few people know about. She is looking for a sticker factory that makes scratch and sniff stickers called “Smell Stickers”. Happy Allie is very smart and friendly too. This helps her on her journey.

Smell Sticker Character Favorites

Food: Pizza
Color: Pink
Sticker Scent: Strawberry

Wishes, the Yorkshire Terrier

Wishes is a very lonely stray dog until he meets Happy Allie. He is lost in the woods and his fur is dirty. Once Happy Allie adopts him and shampoos his hair, Wishes becomes a happy, clean dog. He loves sitting in Happy Allie’s arms and playing fetch.

Smell Sticker Character Favorites

Food: Yummy Yummy Dog Biscuits
Color: Blue
Sticker Scent: Grape

Felicity, the Fairy

Felicity is a true star! She is very talented in all she does. She can sing and dance and fly circles around anyone! Her biggest talent is using her magical powers. She uses her magic wand to sprinkle fairy dust all around. This dust smells like bubble gum and gives good luck.

Smell Sticker Character Favorites

Food: Berries
Color: Pink
Sticker Scent: Spring

Fancy, the Unicorn

Fancy is kind and gentle. She is always willing to help others. All of the creatures in the woods like Fancy. Fancy is colorful and magical. She is sometimes shy, but always friendly.

Smell Sticker Character Favorites

Food: Green Grass
Color: Purple
Sticker Scent: Apple

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