Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Allie. She was always smiling and beaming, so her friends and family called her Happy Allie. One night, Happy Allie had a dream about a long and fun adventure she went on to find a Smell Sticker Factory. She had never heard of a Smell Sticker Factory, but it sure seemed neat! It was a factory that made really awesome stickers, called "Smell Stickers". These stickers were colorful and bright and when you scratch them with your fingernail, they smelled like something cool, like strawberries, or flowers, or even something yummy like chocolate!

Happy Allie told her mom and dad about the dream she had. Her parents were shocked! They had heard about the Smell Sticker Factory, but never spoke of it to Allie. It was a mysterious factory that all the adults in the town had heard stories about, but no one had ever seen. The adults did not tell the children about the factory, because they knew that if any children found out about it, they would want to find it! But since Happy Allie somehow had found out about the Smell Sticker Factory in her dreams, her parents could no longer keep the secret. Every night after that, when Happy Allie's dad tucked her in to sleep at night, he told her more and more about the mysterious Factory. It was a magical factory in a town where unicorns and fairies lived, and candy grew on trees. People were always happy, and everyone was kind and friendly. Happy Allie asked her dad where she could find the Smell Sticker Factory. But her dad did not know. All he had heard was that the factory was in Stickerland, a town deep inside the Enchanted Woods.

Just as her parents had predicted, Happy Allie had to find the Factory. She packed a backpack with some clothes, her diary, food and water, a small photo album with pictures of her mom, dad and brother, and some stationery to write home. She set out in the morning when the sun came up. She was on her way!

The Smell Sticker Factory Smell Sticker Story Part 2

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